The Four Strong Family Of Companies

Four Strong Corporation

Four Strong Corporation (, located in Pittsboro, North Carolina, develops consumer goods brands and entertainment content, and manages the Four Strong family of companies, including Four Strong Media, Four Strong Home, and Four Strong IP.

The present Four Strong Corporation consumer brands include the Simply Saying apparel line and the King Carabiner hardware product line. In 2017, its internationally known Mom, Dad and Baby brand (, which began with the world-famous stroller accessory, The Mommy Hook (, were sold to Tempe, Arizona-based 2 Dogs Distribution.

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Four Strong Media LLC


Four Strong Media develops, produces, and distributes arts and entertainment content for radio, television, film, music, and Internet media outlets. Its first project stars company president David Abels as host of the Internet radio show, “I Am Citizen Abels” (, which is available through iTunes, Google Play Music,, YouTube, and more than 100 Internet streaming services. Four Strong Media is bringing the Earth back to reality.

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Four Strong Home LLC


Four Strong Home is a locally based home services company whose focus is home repair, installation, cleaning, moving, and landscaping. The company also stages homes and prepares them for sale for homeowners and investors, and is in the planning stages of local residential development, including a neighborhood of affordable homes for the disabled, for seniors, and for anyone on a limited budget.

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Four Strong IP LLC


Four Strong IP develops and markets intellectual property, including patents and trademarks, for the consumer and health markets. Its present concentration is in pet and dental. The company’s mission is to be the place where innovative products come to life.

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