Four Strong Corporation is the brainchild of David Abels, the company’s founder and its President, CEO & CFO. Mr. Abels, who was born in Brooklyn, New York, and now lives in Chatham County, North Carolina, holds a BA in Accounting & Information Systems from CUNY-Queens College and an MA in Journalism from the University of Maryland at College Park. Mr. Abels has held a variety of positions in a variety of businesses, from public relations executive to New York City cab driver to journalist, marketing manager, management accountant, temp laborer, and now, the senior executive of Four Strong. Mr. Abels is a divorced father of three children – his daughter Hannah, who is her father’s chief confidante and senior comedy partner, and his identical twin sons, Michael and Isaac, who are both on the autism spectrum and still, double trouble.

In 2006, Mr. Abels invented The Mommy Hook stroller assistant (www.themommyhook.com) while his children were toddlers. At the time of his invention, Mr. Abels worked as a public relations executive and was teaching communications part-time at the University of Phoenix campus in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Mommy Hook is now one of the most popular stroller accessories in the world. Mr. Abels’ vision for Four Strong is to create a diversified international family-owned business that brings innovation, practicality, and fun to both the consumer goods and entertainment markets.

Known as a joker, a raconteur, a rebel, and a visionary in glasses, he is now the host of his own Internet radio show, “I Am Citizen Abels,” (www.iamcitizenabels.com), which is available to listen to or download on the show’s website, on iTunes Podcasts, and on many other streaming services. Mr. Abels has been linked romantically to partners that include Joan Rivers, Jenny McCarthy, Selena Gomez, Elizabeth Taylor, and Moms Mabley. He adamantly denies having dated Chelsea Handler, and plans to expose this lie and other falsities in his upcoming feature film, “A Rebel and A Jew,” (www.arebelandajew.com), which is loosely based on his and travels in the promised land with Don Quixote, Don Ho, Don Knotts, Don Corleone, Donald Duck, Donald Trump, and a small tribe of little people donning skull caps.

For more information, please contact a representative in our media relations department at mediarelations@fourstrong.com.